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Handshake Coaches find there are more direct ways to
give back than writing a check or running a race

Industry leaders and professionals provide enthusiastic support to many meaningful causes around the world. Unfortunately, these leaders often do not have much time to give directly back to other individuals that could benefit from their guidance. While fundraising is important, it is difficult to spend meaningful time with the benefactors of many philanthropies. Handshake America provides direct coaching opportunities of students without an overwhelming demand of time.


  1. Have an active interest in their student 
  2. Serve as a Coach for their student
  3. Give their best efforts to attend all sessions 


  1. Be successful in their profession
  2. Believe athletics teach valuable lessons
  3. Contribute at least $1,000 toward to the Scholarship Program

Just like the students in the program, each Handshake Coach has different experiences to recall when interacting with their student and takes advantage of teachable moments throughout the year. Consequently, each student-coach experience is different. The Handshake Coach must be able to identify and take advantage of these moments to give the students the best possible experience. The emphasis for each student is personalized and unique to allow the coaches bring out the best that each student has to offer.

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