People who are handshake coaches find that it is a

direct and meaningful way to give back.

Charitable people provide enthusiastic support to many meaningful causes around the world. Unfortunately, they often do not have much time to give back directly to individuals that could benefit from their guidance. Handshake America addresses this issue by providing direct coaching opportunities of students without an overwhelming demand of time.


  1. Be successful in their chosen field

  2. Believe athletics teach valuable lessons

  3. Donate or raise at least $1,000 for Handshake America


  1. Serve as a Coach having an active interest in their student

  2. Give their best efforts to attend all sessions

  3. Be a good team member to other Coaches & Students

Each Handshake Coach has different experiences to recall when interacting with the students in the program and consequently each student-coach experience is different. The Handshake Coaches observe many “coachable moments” throughout the year and take advantage of these moments to give the students the best possible experience. The emphasis for each student is personalized and unique to allow the coaches to bring out the best that each student has to offer.

Apply to Be a Handshake America Coach


Prior to applying please read:

Coach Expectations

Coach Code of Conduct

Program Information

2019 Coaches Corner

Preparation, Tips, Information, Resources

Making the First Call to Student: Notes, Conference Call Recording, Sample Student Packet
Columbus Kickoff (Session #1) RSVP: Click Here
Columbus Coaches Clinic Material: Click Here
Columbus Coach Checklist: Click Here
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One-on-One Material (Session #2): Click Here

2019 Handshake America Coaches-Atlanta

Corneille Algarra  Georgia Pacific

Corneille Algarra
Georgia Pacific

Jonathan Christie  KPMG

Jonathan Christie

Donovan Potter  Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers

Donovan Potter
Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers

Brant Barrow  KPMG

Brant Barrow

Grayson Flaim  BI Worldwide

Grayson Flaim
BI Worldwide

John Scipio  AND1

John Scipio

Paul Brenan  KPMG

Paul Brenan

Leigh Jakes  Bodyarmor Sports

Leigh Jakes
Bodyarmor Sports

Gina Vlasek  The Home Depot

Gina Vlasek
The Home Depot

Jessica Chait  Beauty Counter

Jessica Chait
Beauty Counter

Chris Phillips  Floralis Landscape

Chris Phillips
Floralis Landscape

Nick Winbush  T. Dallas Smith & Company

Nick Winbush
T. Dallas Smith & Company

2019 Handshake America Coaches-Columbus

Deborah Boiarsky  Porter Wright

Deborah Boiarsky
Porter Wright

Eric Brummett  DSW

Eric Brummett

Lori Fry  Deloitte

Lori Fry

Susan Gallogly  Handshake America

Susan Gallogly
Handshake America

Kurt Gatterdam  Fillmore Capital

Kurt Gatterdam
Fillmore Capital

Elissa How   Abercrombie & Fitch

Elissa How
Abercrombie & Fitch

Matthew Kramer  KPMG

Matthew Kramer

Cody Martin   PNC Mortgage

Cody Martin
PNC Mortgage

Jason Mulder   EY

Jason Mulder

Matthew Quinn  Abercrombie & Fitch

Matthew Quinn
Abercrombie & Fitch

Steven Troth  Wendy's

Steven Troth

Larry Wendling   The Daimler Group

Larry Wendling
The Daimler Group

Andy Hoh  Messer

Andy Hoh

Travis Jackson   Brooksource

Travis Jackson

Judy Lanning  Community Leader

Judy Lanning
Community Leader

Trisha McDaniel  Nationwide

Trisha McDaniel

Beth Murphy  Grange Insurance

Beth Murphy
Grange Insurance

Lauren Risch   L Brands

Lauren Risch
L Brands

Mike Van Straten   L Brands

Mike Van Straten
L Brands

Megan Whited   Porter Wright

Megan Whited
Porter Wright

Bill Holehouse  Perficient

Bill Holehouse

Ann James  Retired Educator

Ann James
Retired Educator

Jim Lenard  Infor

Jim Lenard

Tracy Miller  Change 4 Growth

Tracy Miller
Change 4 Growth

David Probst   Stonehenge

David Probst

Pete Risch  Morgan Stanley

Pete Risch
Morgan Stanley

Kelsi Vaughn  CoverMyMeds

Kelsi Vaughn

Jennie Wilson  MGF Sourcing

Jennie Wilson
MGF Sourcing

Shelley Horn   Infor

Shelley Horn

Brian Kirsch  DSW

Brian Kirsch

Phil Lovegrove  Vorisek

Phil Lovegrove

Sean Morrison  KPMG

Sean Morrison

Tyler Probst  Red Capital Markets

Tyler Probst
Red Capital Markets

Melissa Toth  Abercrombie

Melissa Toth

Adam Weingartner  Bluestone Wealth

Adam Weingartner
Bluestone Wealth

Chris Wisecup   Deloitte

Chris Wisecup