The Handshake America Program requires virtually no effort or cost from the participating schools.  However, because we look for the somewhat subjective traits of grit and coachability, the schools can play a helpful role in helping identify students and encouraging them to submit applications.  The school's teachers, coaches, and counselors generally know who the coachable Juniors with grit are.  Because this is a development Program - not just a scholarship - the students selected will be grateful to the person who identified them.

There will be a one-hour meeting at the high school between the Handshake Coach and the selected student near the beginning of the calendar year.  The two will arrange a convenient time for the student to give a brief tour of the school and get to know each other a little better.  For that reason, and to ensure the school is aware of the Handshake America Program, we simply ask the school representatives to complete a simple one-page registration form.

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School Registrations Due October 15th.

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