Handshake Columbus

Columbus, Ohio was the inaugural city for the Handshake Program.  It began in 2012 with three students and three coaches.  Fast forward to 2018, 36 students and 36 coaches are in the program.  By the end of 2018, we anticipate 160 students will have completed the program and received scholarships to their continued education of choice.  

The Columbus Program

The Handshake Scholarship Program consists of eight scheduled sessions between the Students and their Handshake Coaches over the course of the calendar year.  The sessions are workshop type group discussions focusing on the Handshake 5Ps:  Perseverance, Passion, People, Positivity, and Presence.  Students learn from their Handshake Coaches, peers and special guests who provide different perspectives on what it takes to be successful.

Columbus Leadership Team

Joel Juday - President

Joel Parker - Treasurer

Sharon Wilhelm

Mike Busch